CANCELLED — Greece Tantra Festival, ftr. Red Fulka

August 27 2021-29 2021, Osho Afroz Meditation Center, Lesvos, Eresos-Antissa, 811 05, Greece

Red Fulka highlight of the Greece Tantra Festival -

Greece Tantra Festival is bringing together classical Tantra with the Wisdom of Greek ancient Mystery schools.

Every day of this extraordinary event is designed to take you through four main facets of Human Experience: Sexuality, Love, Meditation and Celebration.

Our team of World famous Tantra Teachers and Musicians will offer many different Tantra practices, rituals, dance events, Live music concerts and performances.

Forever young mystical nights will take you to the sacred space of Eros – our delicious Love Lounge.

We will be following the ancient ways of performing the Sacred Tantric rituals in an open air, under the sky full of stars and by the sea.

Amazing Organic local cuisine will fill your body with the taste of Greece. Sun, wind, stars and the sea will pamper you with that delicious feeling of being at home, the birthplace of our modern civilisation.

Greece Tantra Festival is presented by Heart Tantra team, the organisers of different Tantra festivals around the Globe. The uniting point of all Heart Tantra festivals is the vision that our Heart is the starting point of Tantra practice. Once you are rooted there, you can go both directions: downwards – discovering and playing with your sexual energy or upwards – towards Meditation. HT invites you to go through experience of Sexuality, Love and Meditation, seeing them as different expressions of One Life energy. Heart Tantra mission is to create and provide a safe and protected space for this Divine Play to take place.
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CANCELLED — Greece Tantra Festival, ftr. Red Fulka

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