INITIATION — a shamanic journey of self-discovery

May 31 2018-June 2 2018, Desert Ashram Bamidbar, Shittim, 88874 Nahal Shittim, Hadarom, Israel

A unique shamanic journey of self discovery which invites us to give space to all the different parts within and to find our way for inner peace.

Over the weekend we will create a safe tribal space that will enable us to explore the movement between separation and unity in our inner and outer world. The intention is to devote oneself for the exploration of the movement between the upper and lower chakras in the heart chakra. A complete experience of presence, connection and celebration.

The space that we create enables us to experience different qualities as a tribe and as individuals in a movement of expansion and convergence.

Come experience, feel, breath, dance, dare, explore and play together in a ceremonial, precise and enabling space.

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INITIATION — a shamanic journey of self-discovery

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