Tantra Essence Festival

June 20-23, Corfu Buddha Hall, Magoulades, Corfu, Greece

The Tantra Essence Festival is an invitation to come back home, to yourself, to nature and to love. It's held by Tantra master Ma Ananda Sarita&her team.
The resplendent and peaceful nature in Arillas, Corfu supports us to take this inner journey in the best possible way. You may have been to beautiful beaches in the past, but the beach of Arillas carries a special magic.
The intention for the 2021 festival is to explore Tantra meditations and rituals proposed by enlightened Tantra Masters, creating a living transmission of Tantra that is as relevant now as it was in ancient times.
Last years Festival was canceled and we had an online fest instead — this year, we're hoping to be able to hold the festival as usual.
more info and booking: Tantra Essence Festival Website

Tantra Essence Festival

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