Heartfire Session #2 Online

March 19 2021, Online Concert Praful Solo (Zoom)

an online event
time: 20:30 — 22:00 hrs
During these turbulent times in which physical gatherings are not possible, the Dutch Concert organiser Heartfire has been working together with Third Eye Media to light up our heart fire with a trilogy of online music ceremonies. Using the unifying power of music and storytelling, we are creating a sacred hearth to gather up and reconnect to each other, regardless of spiritual or social backgrounds.
more info to follow — link: Heartfire Website

About HeartFire Sessions
HeartFire organizes inspiring events that share love through music . We bring people together in a sacred heartspace where healing, transformation and celebration of life happen. We love to contribute to a better future. That’s why together with filmmaker Pablo Palma (Third Eye Media) we have created a series of video portraits of heartfelt artists. With their music and creativity they offer a powerful contribution in these transformative times.
We will co-create an intimate online setting through positive intentions and ceremony where these videos will be premiered and musicians will share some of their favourite songs with the community. There will be room for questions and conversation so that close human interaction will be felt.
We will create a strong online heartspace that will feel as alive and sacred as HeartFire concerts normally do. Please join us. The entrance is free but seats are limited, so make sure you reserve yours!
Important: Make sure you block 1,5 hours for yourself and bring a candle for the ceremony.
Let’s unite around this virtual hearth and celebrate love through music!

Heartfire Session #2 Online

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