CANCELLED — Tantra Gathering Online

April 4 2021, Online Concert Praful Solo

Join us between 1 and 4 April for this online gathering. Praful's concert will be on 2 April at 18:00 hrs CET.

By gathering tantra professionals from all over the world, we can create a field of love that can deepen your exploration.

Theme: The Love for Change

Change is always happening, but not always pleasant. Especially at times of many changes, there can be resistance, struggle or difficulty. Changes with work, living space, finance, relationship can give intense reactions, especially when it is related to the heart.

Tantra has many tools and techniques to help you through the process of change. To help you embrace the changes that happen around you, but most of all it gives clarity within. Helping you through the process of inner change and develop immensely along the change.

Four Days program
30 Interactive Zoom Workshops
+25 International Teachers
Live Concerts

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CANCELLED — Tantra Gathering Online

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