Evolutionary Festival (Online Event)

April 21 2021-26 2021, Praful Solo Concert and Sound Healing Journey

A place where you can meet some of the best speakers, facilitators and performers at the cutting edge of conscious creativity. Here you will find tools to not only improve and develop your life but to also take part in a larger collective transformation that is in touch with the evolutionary impulse itself.

You will find tools for:
Deepening Spiritual Practice
Biohacking and Longevity
Insights into the Nature of Reality
Maps of Evolution
Future Societies
Future Technologies
Community and Inspiration

This festival is for the Evolutionaries – those BIG PICTURE thinkers who have reached a point in their lives where struggling around in just the personal concerns and ambitions is no longer enough. Those who have lifted their gaze to see they are part of a larger cosmos that is itself evolving and are ready to pick their life’s up by the back of the boots and raise themselves out of the mud.
In doing so they are aligned with the larger forces of eros, and the neurotic anxiety of solely trying to make it alone dissolves in to a sense of wonder. No longer content with just pointing out the problems and complaining, they become curious about how we can do things even better, how can we create more integration and transcendence to the higher stages of life? If this sounds like you or resonates then come join us for this 5 day online festival, where we will have the most cutting-edge thinkers, workshop leaders, international speakers and musicians.
We will be exploring 4 different dimensions of reality to see where we can evolve our life and also the planet.

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Evolutionary Festival (Online Event)

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