Tantra Festival — Praful Solo Concert

July 29 2021, Angsbacka Kursgaard, Nyeds-backa 511, 655 61 Molkom, Sweden

TANTRA AT ANGSBACKA — conscious camping FIVE DAYS OF LIFE EXPANSION! Through transformational workshops, music, dance, conscious sexuality and meetings from the heart.
HOW CAN I BE AUTHENTIC BOTH WITH MYSELF AND THE PEOPLE I MEET? Welcome to Tantra at Angsbacka! It is a place for saying YES to yourself! How would it feel to embrace and affirm all sides of yourself? What do you need to feel safe enough to truly dare to meet yourself and others? Both with yourself and with others. This is a unique experience where you will have the opportunity to participate in workshops held by tantra teachers from many branches and traditions.

Tantra Festival — Praful Solo Concert

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