DEEP Summer Retreat

July 18-24, Home Shanti Home, 04150 Simiane La Rotonde, France

WAKE UP – SHAKE UP & CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE! After having to cancel our retreat the last 2 years, due to the corona regulations, we are optimistic to hold the retreat this coming summer.
During these times, we are constantly being bombarded with input&stimuli that bring more stress and anxiety into our lives. In such a state, it is easy to lose the connection with our inner guidances, which leaves us often confused with a feeling of separation.

If you are longing to come fully alive and find back the connection to your inner-self, if you want to shake and dance off anything that is in the way of you expressing your full potential, if you want to refill and reprogram yourself with peace, love, joy, laughter, and celebration – then this is for you. DEEP brings together like-minded people to open up to a new consciousness rooted in love and compassion. New wonderful nature location in gorgeous South France Luberon (Provence). Same core team.

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DEEP Summer Retreat

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