ADA Divine Awakening Festival

September 13 2022-18 2022, Ada Bojana Island, Montenegro

For the 2nd time! We invite you to join us on this magical island as we gather for 6 amazing days, to celebrate the awakening and spiritual union of the goddess and the divine masculine within us all! The beautiful island of Ada Bojana carries a powerful legacy of honoring our sacred sexuality and allows us to let go of shame, guilt and fear. We will build on that legacy and empower our tribe to break through old patterns as we deepen in our freedom, love, and intimacy through workshops, breath, sound, movement, connection, and celebration! Ada Bojana has a long history of breaking through the Balkan patterns of patriarchy and inhibitions — and She is now ready to fully heal and raise with three main elixirs that we all need to integrate in order to acknowledge that we all are divine beings. The magical ingredients we are using on our way to eternal bliss, waking the LIFE force, are: GRATITUDE — VULNERABILITY — INTIMACY • 3 elixir — themed workshop lounges featuring 40 renowned facilitators and artists from around the world. These facilitators will lead workshops in the areas of Tantra, Shamanism, Sacred Sexuality, Awakening the Feminine, Self-Empowerment, Conscious Living, and many other topics to support extraordinary living. • Be ready to dance, raise your energy, and celebrate your creativity with your tribe! Artists, DJs, acoustic bands, and live theatrical performances are scheduled in beautiful spaces throughout the week, giving the tribe the opportunity to move, connect, and have fun!
VENUE&ACCOMMODATION There is a sacred place on Planet Earth. A self-manifested triangle that was birthed from the freshest river pouring ecstasy to the always present ocean holding space for Her. Her name is Ada Bojana. This triangle island has positioned itself looking at the most stunning sunsets completely isolated from the rest of the World. Few decades ago, brave hearts of the Balkan’s have decided to build a naturist camp that will celebrate freedom, love and expression in its full potential. Ada’s Beach Houses welcoming and greeting the Sun every day make this location truly remarkable. Allow yourself to receive Ada’s magic as she is here to hold space for wherever you are and support you to dive deeper in where you want to be. Accommodations is available for various budget levels and this amazing island provides enough beauty and space to allow all attendees to enjoy swimming, connecting with nature, and taking space for integration and reflection.
You will feel AWAKENED, ALIVE and fully immersed in the PRESENT moment!
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ADA Divine Awakening Festival

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