DEEP Camping Experience

June 15-18, Nature Camping Ottermeerhoeve, Ottermeerweg 2,
4725 PZ Wouwse Plantage, Netherlands

For the third time, the DEEP CAMPING EXPERIENCE at the Ottermeer Camping in Holland is steadily becoming a regular annual event of the DEEP tribe. A love-filled and music-drenched weekend. The enrichment of being together feeds our souls, to share music, dance ecstatically, relax and enjoy really being together in every shape or form we are. And at the beautiful Landgoed Ottermeer nature&magic are truly entwined. This time a day longer than in previous years.

We’ll arrange and create the DEEP&Ecstatic weekend, in our famous a program without a program fashion, 3 meals (2x lunch, 1 dinner) and you take care of breakfast (coffee&croissants are optional at the camping) and your tent.
Special times need creative solutions and Nature Camping Ottermeer in the South-Western corner of the Netherlands offers us the necessary space, conditions and privacy for our gathering.

Expect a relaxed weekend with (open air) Ecstatic Dances, LIVE music by Praful and Elie, Swimming in the lake, workshops from Shamanism to Intimacy, meditation and connection.

Although we love the presence of children and the unique visions they contribute, this DEEP event will be child-free. Youngsters from the age of 15 are welcome if they have an interest in what we offer.

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DEEP Camping Experience

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