New Year's Retreat with Satyaa&Pari

December 29 2016-January 2 2017, Jonathan Seminar Hotel, 83339 Chieming/Hart, Germany

New Years Retreat with Concerts, Dance, Satsangs, Celebration … This is a truly very special event that has developed over the years into a sacred way of letting go of the old and opening up to the NEW! The new year is starting now! There are daily offerings of beautiful and intimate singing rounds with Satyaa and Pari, Satsang, much dancing, using Mantras and lots of laughter and celebration! Praful&Vimal will also offer their Event 'Healing Sound, Healing Touch'.

Info&Tickets: Bettina: 0221/6910300

New Year's Retreat with Satyaa&Pari

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