Call for Freedom — Praful&Sargam

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A spontaneous, improvised meeting of Oud player Sargam and multi-instrumentalist Praful, featured on Indian Bansuri flute, the west-African Xalam and (later-added) horn section. Recorded during the times of world-wide pandemic and confinement rules, the 2 musicians clearly enjoy the call for freedom, the playfully intimate conversation between 2 free spirits, the flying high in the boundless realm of sound, melody and pulsation.

Praful — Bansuri, Xalam, Live Looping, Uke Bass, Frame drum, Sax, Bansuri flute, keys, small percussion, programming Sargam – Oud
Composed by Sargam&Praful produced by Praful recorded by Sargam at Satori Studio, Mane, France additional recordings&mixed by Praful @ Skywalker Studio mastered by Darius van Helfteren, Amsterdam Mastering cover design by Vimal Gabrielsen


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