New Album recordings Erik Satie

In October 2013 Praful recorded a new album with French harpist Helvia Briggen, featuring music by Erik Satie

November 10 2013

«Some years ago I met a classical harp player in South France, thru our common friends. Her name is Helvia Briggen and she’s the harpist of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Nice, France. I had recorded a song as guest musician on an album she was recording at the time. It was a meditative piece called Gnossienne #3 by French classical composer Erik Satie – Helvia played the original music and I improvised around it on an Indian Bamboo Flute. The piece was very well received and was also chosen by spiritual teacher and bestselling author Eckhart Tolle for his compilation “Music to quiet the Mind”. Our paths kept crossing every summer at the farm of our friends in France, and every time we expressed the wish to do a whole project in that style, with pieces from Satie. For many years it did not happen, I guess the time was not ripe yet. This year the time turned out to be ripe – in October she came to my studio in Germany for a few days and we recorded roundabout 14 compositions – mostly Satie, but also a few others and 3 original compositions of mine, written especially for this project. She used an electric harp by French maker Camac, who cordially sent us over from Paris a harp for the period. The recordings went really well, we're more than happy — and the mixing is now almost done. Once we're happy with the way it sounds, the music still needs to be mastered and then we will send it around to find a fitting record label (maybe in the classical world). So just a bit more patience, we'll let you know here when the release is about to happen.»


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