Retreat in Iceland — Praful with Tiger Singleton

New collaboration retreat together with Tiger Singleton in October in stunning Icelandic nature — bookings open now!

July 8

Remembered; the Harmony of Life — COME RELAX, LOVE, LISTEN… DEEPLY.
I've met Satsang teacher and poet Tiger Singleton last winter and we co-created on one occasion — the connection felt meaningful and we decided to collaborate on a bigger project: together, we offer a 1-week-retreat in the stunning nature of Iceland!

Join us on this unforgettable (or rather; remembering) journey inward, to connect with a new depth of seeing, being, and sharing the miracle of what you are, remembering the Harmony of Life that is already present. Insight, clarity, inspiration, poetry, and lots of beautiful sounds of life; this promises to be a unique experience.

This experience will take place at a beautiful venue in the middle of the stunning and dreamy, raw nature of the Icelandic Westfjords. With insightful talks/satsang, lots of mystical music, mantra, and poetic mediatation concerts, this is going to be a beautiful fusion between Tiger and myself. Expect the unexpected. Or… just Magic!

Stay tuned for the full program. Soon being published here on my website and on  Inlight Connect
. You can already secure your spot and pay a deposit. You are soooo welcome to join us on this epic journey; the one from love to love.

“The adventure of life, is an expedition of the heart; to travel inward and connect with a new depth of seeing, being and sharing, the miracle of what you are.” ~ Tiger Singleton


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