Meditation album for Women's Empowerment in collaboration w. Ma Ananda Sarita

March 9 2020

This is an album that’s primarily made for women – although nothing speaks against men also enjoying the music. It is a one-hour meditation designed by the Tantra Master Ma Ananda Sarita, which encapsulates the essential components for women’s Empowerment in a process of 10 stages. In this meditation you are opening the three positive polarities of woman’s chakra system; 2nd chakra (lower belly) 4th Chakra (center of chest) and 6th Chakra (3rd eye). You are then integrating these aspects of Goddess Activation with attuning yourself to the heartbeat of nature and of the universe.
Being a man myself, it’s been an interesting journey to work on this project, and an honor to contribute to women’s empowerment – I’ve always been a great lover and supporter of the Divine Feminine! Composing and producing this album took almost a year – the music is extremely diverse and eclectic, style consistency was not important (like it would be on normal music albums) – so there’s everything from ethnic/oriental dance tracks to soft meditative and even zen-like pieces – whatever the meditation phase needed. If you’re a woman you may want to try the meditation – otherwise just enjoy the tracks. Aho — Praful


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