Let's go D.E.E.P. again!

D.E.E.P. Summer Retreat 20-26 August in French castle

May 30 2019

Dive into your Essence & Ecstatic Potential
D.E.E.P. — an extraordinary global gathering, where we meet each other in friendship and openness. In this intimate retreat with the joyful spirit of a festival, we journey together as community, discovering new layers of depth and manifestation in our lives. Along our path, we will move through a vast range of experiences: transformational workshops, concerts, sound healing, tantra, dance&creative expression, yoga, meditation, shamanism, sacred ceremonies, breathwork and more… co-organised by Praful with a family of like-minded souls. With lots of Live music!
Let’s meet in the D.E.E.P. this summer in France!

for more information and tickets go to D.E.E.P. Website


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April 4, Wandellust, Zollikerstrasse 74, 8008 Zuerich, Switzerland
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