Sweden Retreat — Praful & Tiger Singleton — Remembered Harmony

10 — 15 October 2019 — a 3 to 5 day retreat in Skeppsudden near Norrkoping

May 30

Led by Praful & Tiger — together, they offer an explosive combination of meditation, song, poetry, devotion, and self-inquiry. The environment of this retreat will hold a sacred space for you to journey inward, and explore the sobering reality of your inherent connection with all that is.

Join for 3 or 5 Nights: 10th — 13th October: Heart of Stillness 3 Days of Inner Silence; a meditative journey to immerse yourself into the inherent harmony of Life. It will be a great emptying out of all imagined limitations, and a vast heart-opening into your most sacred nature.

13th — 15th: The Fire of Truth 2 Day Intensive Exploration; Designed to uproot and release whatever stands in the way, between where you are now and what you are here to see, be, and share with the world. Not for the faint of heart.

A rare breed of playful chaos and compassion directness, Tiger has a uniquely poetic ability to clarify the human experience. Beyond any spiritual pretense, while radically embracing everyday humanness, he exposes a fear-shattering opportunity to discover the depth of what you are and finally stand on your own authority in complete love. He sees Life as a garden that patiently waits for your heart to bloom. Through the pain of confusion, through withholding, we are invited to let go and breathe into our heart's deepest resonance.

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