Call for Freedom — Praful & Sargam

New EP release, Duo recording with French Oud player Sargam

February 4

Call for Freedom is a spontaneous and improvised piece, a Duo with French Oud player Sargam, featuring myself on Indian Bamboo Flute, the West-African Xalam and a few other instruments. It was recorded during my very last musical meeting and journey, back in September 2020 — before we were locked up and down again by Corona regulations. Sargam and me just sat in his studio in Provence (South France), rolled the ‘tape’ and started playing. There was no direction in this playful, intimate conversation, and no limitations either — just a sense of freedom and friendship. And the joy of flying high in the boundless realm of sound, melody and pulsation. In restricted times like now, one can appreciate even more this sense of freedom in an artistic meeting. I hope you’ll enjoy our Call for Freedom, for a life lived from a place of trust, openness and connection with our inner wisdom.


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