Seeds — Red Fulka

New Release from my ecstatic-dance / chill-out project Red Fulka

October 10 2021

Finally… the first Red Fulka release since many years!! Seeds is a electronic world folk chill-out ecstatic dance track carrying South-American medicine power, blending the folk vibe of the Bamboo flute and Ukulele with deep, slow beats, warm arpeggiated synth sounds, topped with flying strings. Available now on all download and streaming portals.

Several more singles are to be released, one every month from now on. We've actually never stopped producing new tunes in the past years, but also never managed to finish a whole album. So we let go of this idea and will bring them out one by one, as they become ready to go out. We know many of you have been waiting forever to hear new tracks from us that make you dance beyond your mind with an open heart.

Red Fulka is my collaboration project with DJ Kareem Raihani, via this channel we release music since more than 10 years to make you dance in ecstasy.
Listen and buy here: Red Fulka on Bandcamp


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