4 Natural Elements — YouTube Sessions

Join me on the 4 advent Sundays 2021 for the Live stream sound healings Earth, Water, Fire and Air

November 14 2021

I'm very very excited… I'm offering a series of 4 Natural Elements Sound Healing Journeys, streamed Live every advent Sunday on YouTube. Balancing and harmonising the natural elements Earth, Water, Fire&Air in your body-mind leads to a healthier, more meaningful, joyful and creative life. The entire universe is made of these natural elements, including our bodies. Connecting with their essence re-connects and aligns us also with Nature/ MotherEarth/ Pachamama.
As always when I play Live, it'll be very spontaneous and intuitive, trusting my life-long experience in the field of healing and meditation — and in music of course. I'll use many different instruments and a looping device to create the elemental soundscapes and musical journeys. And thanks to my tech team, a perfect stereo sound is guaranteed.
Start is 28 November at 11 am CEST with the element Earth.
5 December: Water
12 December: Fire
19 December: Air

You can join single sessions, or the whole package. And there are goodies possible afterwards, just check for all the details and different tickets the facebook event or the billetto ticket page.
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