Let Yourself Fall — Red Fulka

Latest Release from ecstatic-dance/chill-out project Red Fulka

November 4 2021

Never too late to deepen your trust and allow the wind to carry you: Let Yourself fall into this disco with a touch of techno by Kareem Raihani and Praful Mystik

When it's time for young birds to leave the nest and fly for the first time, they are often just pushed out of the nest by their parents. They have never flown and how do they know that they will be able? They maybe would never dare to make that step if it was up to them. But as they are quickly falling down towards the ground, with their wings still closed, there are only two possibilities: either spread your wings and start flying, or hit the ground and die. So the choice is easy and intuitive: the wings open and the bird realizes that the wind is there to carry it.
I feel many of our efforts can be dropped, and life becomes so much easier and more enjoyable when we allow it to just take care, to hold and carry us.
Find the song in all major online portals, and in highest quality here on Bandcamp: Red Fulka on Bandcamp


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