Film yourself dancing for Praful's upcoming music video!

April 2

'Danza de la Tribu One Tribe RMX' is Praful’s new remix to be released in the coming weeks. It’s a song about the joy it brings to be together, connected to other people, the natural world, the sky and the earth. An invitation to celebrate being alive. A reminder that, beyond any made-up concepts like age, ethnicity and nationalities, we are all children of the sun.
We may be of different tribes, but in our essence, we are One Tribe.

Inspired by these ideas, we are working on the production of a collaborative music video to share this song on social media. We ask people of all ages, gender and ethnicities to contribute by taking part in a short video assignment.
More info, how to film yourself and deliver the footage you'll find here VIDEO PROJECT LANDING PAGE

See also my invitation and explanation video. You'll find the song here on the website, on SoundCloud and Dropbox. Please send in your videos until end of April 2022.

We are One Love, One Heart, One Tribe, One Family,
for all the brothers and sisters, sons and daughters,
mothers and fathers there’s a place to be
here on Gaia, Pachamama, heaven on Earth,
it’s a paradise, can’t you see?
So let’s take care of it and dance together,
as One Tribe peacefully and free!


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