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January 26 2013, 54 photos

Live in Amsterdam 2014
Concert with Ayla Schafer, Cologne 2023 Concert with Ayla Schafer, Amsterdam 2023 Concert with Ayla Schafer, Berlin 2023 Concert with Nessi Gomez, Cologne 2022 Praful&Spirited Tribe — Live Open Up Fest Holland, 2017 Yoga Fest Forcalquier (France), 2020 Praful Live @ New Years festival Angsbacka 2017/18 Praful Live Solo @ Ibiza Tantra Fest 2017 Guest appearance with Deva Premal&Miten — Gayatri Mandir, Arillas, Corfu (Greece), 2018 @ Yoga Terschelling Festival, Praful&Friends — 2013 Tantra Joy Festival 2020, Trimurti (France) Live in Moscow — by Live @ Blijburg Festival Costa Del Sol 2013 — Praful Live @ Open Up Fest, NL — 2012 Live @ Osho Leela 'India My Love' Fest, 2013 — w. Martijn Baaijens, Jon Sterckx&Tarisha Singing with the men for the women — Sacred Ceremony @ at Tantra Essence Festival 2019 at Jonathan New Years Retreat 19/20 with Satyaa&Pari — photo by Martin von Mendel at Vienna Spirit Fest 2019 with Mitsch Kohn, Suyana Luz&Alexander Sascha Cellist Healing Event @ Tantra Essence Fest 2019, with Vimal Gabrielsen — Corfu Buddha Hall Live @ Osho Leela 'India My Love' Fest, 2013 — Praful w. Martijn Baaijens&Tarisha Praful with Heiko Dijker on tabla
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Ibiza Tantra Festival — Praful Solo: Concerts, Meditations & Ceremonies
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