Mirror of the Heart (Praful)

Mirror of the Heart is inspired by the passion, depth and devotion of Sufi, Middle-Eastern and Indian music. The mostly acoustic sound is spiced up with occasional Western (electronic) ingredients. Prafuls trademark instruments Bansuri (Indian Bamboo Flutes)&Sax lead the way, but featured are also many stringed instruments from different cultures and world percussion. An impressive line-up of guest musicians from Turkey, Persia, India and Europe supported Praful to create a rich, colorful world-sound. Praful sings lead vocals on 4 songs, the lyrics being based on English translations of poems by Sufi mystics Rumi, Hafiz and words by Praful himself. Featured guest vocalists on 2 songs each are Pakistani Sufi singer Shahzad Ali Khan and Australian Earth-chantess Peruquois.

“Beautiful album — a breath of fresh air blowing through the ether!” Deva Premal&Miten (Mantra singers)

“I don't want to miss to congratulate for «Mirror of the Heart». Best CD you made (from my point of view :-) I love it!” Mariam, Germany (director One Spirit / Rainbow-Spirit-Festivals)

“With his new cd Mirror of the heart, Praful invites us into the mystical sufi spirit and he does this without looking to be traditional, but coming from deep within his own being. The beautiful melodies enter into the heart and stay there as a reflection of the Beloved.” Ramya Norell (Tantra teacher), Sweden

“Praful is not only a fantastic musician, but his music helps you to feel your heart and be in touch with your own love” Hylke Jahnu Bonnema, NL (management trainer, founder Open Up Festival)

“… Incredible, what a creation, superb production, fantastic performances, sounds and voices of great musicians, moving and touching the soul, really fantastic…” Aamod W. Schwade, Brasil

“beautiful album…. I really feel like travelling in it, the music expanding each time I listen, great!” Aleid Warmelink, Mallorca, Spain

“Praful is een saxofonist, fluitist, componist en producer die de hele wereld tot zijn werkterrein heeft gemaakt en zich niet laat begrenzen door muzikale stijlen. …. Geen dancegrooves maar etnische percussie met melodie?n gespeeld op instrumenten uit Turkije, Perzi?, India en Europa. Het technische niveau van de muzikanten is hoog waardoor er zeer virtuoos en geraffineerd samengespeeld en ge?mproviseerd wordt. Daarnaast is Praful ook een uitstekende zanger wat op dit album sfeervol wordt ingezet. Het resultaat is een exotische cocktail van etnische en Avondland-ingredi?nten.” rakenDra Smit, Muziekwereld, NL (2013)


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