Into Being<br>(Praful)

8 Mantra Songs&Journeys — restful, devotional music to heal and guide you Into Being

On his 8th solo album, saxophonist/flutist/world music pioneer Praful surprises us with ancient, devotional Sanskrit Mantras — perhaps not so surprising when one knows that Praful composed many of the divine melodies sung by the renowned Mantra singer Deva Premal. On ‘Into Being’ Praful himself sings and plays deep, melodious Mantras for Mahalakshmi, Hanuman, the Guru, Feminine Confidence, Karma Transformation and Water Healing. Mostly composed in (for the genre) unusual song structure, they are blended and enriched with sublime, extended musical journeys. Guests include Indian singer/tabla player Manish Vyas, English singer Lucinda Drayton (Bliss), Cellist Jonathan Hugh, Danish singer Sudha, keyboarder Maneesh de Moor, world percussionist Afra Mussawisade and many more. A profound and touching musical experience that helps you heal and guides you Into Being.

1 Rise to the Highest (Hanuman Mantras)
2 You never walk Alone (Mantra for the Guru)
3 She is Radiant (Mantra for Feminine Confidence)
4 Your Beauty all Around (Mantra for Mahalakshmi)
5 Journey to Isfahan
6 Be the Change (Karma Transformation Mantra)
7 Saving Mankind
8 Water Healing Mantra

«.. convincing … wonderful … 8 great compositions, rich in harmonies and melodies … music with lots of space and meditative depth – highly recommended!» Osho Times, Germany

«another master piece by Praful!» Deva Premal&Miten, Mantra singers

«Sounds that make your day shine, make your heart feel love and help your body relax.» Simone Thomasse, Bewustzijn Magazine, Januari 2015, NL

«What a beautiful album! I am honoured to be part of this CD. Thank you. You are truly a wonderful artist. The album shows true class of artistry!» Manish Vyas, India (featured on the album on tabla and vocals)

«beautiful melodies, (…) very well-sung, depth with lightness. Some of the melodies are so catchy, that they keep appearing out of the blue, like this morning.» Pari (Mantra singer&Satsang teacher)

«We love the CD, its perfect for driving in winter and for cozy on the sofa moments.? Few nights ago I guided a meditation for 20 people … on the song ‘Rise to the Highest’ its wonderful!!!» Gal Charu Weiler, therapist, Israel

«Acht Kompositionen mit grossem melodisch-harmonioesem Reichtum … Die CD ueberzeugt nicht zuletzt Dank ihrer geschmackvollen Instrumentierung … Eine Musik mit viel Raum und meditativer Tiefe eroeffnet sich. Highly recommended!» Osho Times, Germany

«Herzdank fuer diese Klaenge, die mich in der Seele beruehren und in meine innersten Gefuehlswelten tragen.» Anja Gillmann – Schweiz

«Schoene Melodien, (…) sehr gut gesungen, Tiefe mit Leichtigkeit. Manche der Melodien sind so einpraegsam, dass sie mir, wie heute morgen wieder, aus dem Nichts auftauchen.» Pari (Mantra Saenger&Satsang Lehrer)

Review Bewustzijn Magazine: “Het zijn klanken die glans in je dag brengen, liefde in je hart en ontspanning in je lijf.” Simone Thomasse, Bewustzijn Magazine, Januari 2015, NL

«hij is echt fabulous doorgesponnen. echt master» DJ MPS Pilot, NL


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