Cura el Corazon

Cura el Corazon is a reverence to the mystery and sacredness of our Earth, Pachamama. An expression of gratitude to the healing energy and empowering forces of plants and animals. A humble reminder, that we all ARE nature and cannot survive if we continue to destroy the very basis that makes our existence possible (something becoming increasingly visible to all of us). An invitation to remember and celebrate our universal connection with earth and spirit, and to restore the harmony between our beautiful, precious blue planet and all sentient beings.
It is medicine music – medicine for the heart.

Track 1, the original acoustic version, is a taste of a full Praful-album to be released soon: Selva Sagrada (Sacred Forest). The West-African Xalam, guitar and Ukulele form a woven tapestry, which are completed by a haunting instrumental theme, a tribal Bamboo-flute orchestra and prayerful Spanish lyrics.

Medicina de las plantas que me cura
Cura, cura, cura mi cuerpo, mi alma
Sabiduria de la selva que me salva
Salva, salva, salva mi cuerpo, mi alma
Medicina de las plantas que me cura
Cura el corazon

Track 2 is a dance remix by DJ and Ecstatic-Dance master Kareem Raihani. This instrumental, 4-to-the-floor version is powerfully spiced up by analog synth sounds. It is a gift to the global conscious dance scene and Ecstatic Dance-community. An invitation to move and celebrate your body: let it become a prayer to Pachamama. Dancing creates endorphins, happiness and relaxation. Just never stop dancing, it’ll heal yourself and the world.

Produced&mixed by Praful (Skywalker Studio)
Remix produced&mixed by Kareem Raihani
Mastered by Darius van Helfteren (Amsterdam Mastering)
Design: Unna Zoe Astar


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