Golden Chakra Meditation

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Golden Chakra Meditation is the first guided meditation release by Vimal Gabrielsen, with music by Praful. It’s a soft physical yin practice, which you do in sitting position. Starting at the root chakra, you move slowly upwards in intervals and at the end downwards again. It is also a beautiful mindfulness exercise. The 36-minute meditation, guided by Vimal’s voice, is followed by a 7-minute instrumental musical piece, intended for relaxation&integration.

It is called Golden Chakra Meditation, because you visualize a golden ball of light around each chakra. A soft circular movement of the spine helps to activate energy and release physical and mental tensions stored in the body. In addition to the meditation with spoken instructions, there is an alternative version included without the guidance. It can be used once you know how the form works.

This practice can help you on many levels: mentally, physically, emotionally, and it can even give you answers as to why you are here on Earth.


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