Selva Sagrada

SELVA SAGRADA is a reverence to the magic, mystery and sacredness of our Mother Earth, Pachamama. An expression of gratitude to the healing energy and empowering forces of plants, animals and all the Elements. A humble reminder, that we all ARE nature, that all life forms are symbiotic and make each other’s existence possible. An invitation to remember and celebrate our uniqueness and beauty, our universal connection with Earth and Spirit, and to restore the harmony between our precious blue planet and all sentient beings. Selva Sagrada is an expression of gratitude to life on Earth. It is medicine music – medicine for the heart.

This album took 2 years to complete, in an unforeseeable (inner) journey in the midst of pandemic times. With this music and its strong South American influences, Praful reconnects with his earlier musical years when he lived in Brazil, fell in love with the Amazon forest and traveled the continent.


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