Calma e Tranquilidade — Mose Remix

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My first collaboration with the amazing DJ Mose, and I love what he created — so silky! He has made beautiful remixes for Danit and many others. The Portuguese lyrics of Calma e Tranquilidade say that our inner silence is the doorway to love – and love is the door to eternity and tranquility. In this, we are one with all. Calmness and tranquility are the keys to open these doors. Here’s what Mose says: ‘I had such a beautiful experience remixing this track. It's special for me because it weaves Portuguese and English in such a coherent, touching way. I was able to bring this track down to Brazil and share it with community there and it was definitely a highlight. The original is so heart opening that my process of remixing it definitely went deeper into this heart medicine vibration while inspiring movement. Praful’s masterful flute playing is the final accent that lifts the spirit and provides a tapestry for the dance to fly even higher.’ Enjoy!


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