Supreme Light Within

Welcome to the circle of Healing! I bow down in humble gratitude to this sacred and SUPREME LIGHT WITHIN, which is infinite, formless and divine. A silky crossover song, South-American medicine music with a folk reggae flavour, featuring Pernilla Kannapinn on vocals&violin. English lyrics followed by a Sanskrit Healing Mantra. All great creations are mestizos, freely combining different art forms and cultures. From purity only sterility is born. This is how evolution happens. Sat-Chit-Ananda


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October 1, Terre des Sens, 183 route du Peage / Molieres-Glandaz, 26150 Solaure en Diois, France
Praful Solo Concert
October 20—June 23, Club Hotel Portinatx,
San Juan Labritja,
07810 Cala Portinatx,
Ibiza, Spain
Ibiza Tantra Festival — Praful Solo: Concerts, Meditations & Ceremonies

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