Jeff Honsberger
Jeff Honsberger

im trying to listen to your tracks but his comment keeps coming up.

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June 1, Haus Yoga Vidya,
Yogaweg 7,
32805 Bad Meinberg, Germany
Concert with Satyaa & Pari
June 8, One Spirit Festival,
Kur- & Kongresszentrum
Lauterbadstrasse 5
72250 Freudenstadt, Germany
Concert with Satyaa & Pari
June 10—15, Crvena Luka Resort, 23210 Biograd na Moru, Croatia
Tantra Spirit Festival — Praful concerts & ceremonies
June 16—22, Buddha Hall, Magoulades, Corfu, Greece
Tantra Essence Festival on Corfu

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