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Sacred World Fusion — Medicine for the Heart
A solo concert by Praful is an adventure, a journey into the unknown, as he allows the music to emerge in the Here-Now, trusting his 20-somewhat years of experience as a musician. One moment calm and meditative, the next playing with the audience, then suddenly explosive so one cannot resist to get up and dance. He creates his magic using voice, indian bamboo flutes, saxes, sansula, xalam, ukulele, melodica, kanjira, percussion, effects and a looping device. Through a process of instant recording and layering voices and instruments over each other, he creates amazing textures with the sound of a whole band — or, in the words of a concert visitor, «a symphony of freedom».

Praful's Live Solo music is very much in demand around the world, at Yoga and Tantra Festivals as much as cacao ceremonies and other sacred gatherings. Teacher and best-selling author Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now) finds his music «very beautiful and deeply touching» and has invited Praful several times to open for his talk and play for his retreat.

«Krishna himself is playing through Praful!» Brandon Bays, Healer and best-selling author

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December 29—January 2 2019, Jonathan Seminar Hotel, 83339 Chieming/Hart, Germany
New Year's Mantra Celebration with Satyaa & Pari

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