Healing Sound-Healing Touch

A Healing event with Praful & Vimal Gabrielsen

Live and create in the natural state
Come back to yourself – rest in your body — get energized & rejuvenated — bathe in sound — heal yourself – love yourself

Every Heartbeat creates a miracle. The miracle of Life. Sound, touch and healing intentions do not only change our moods, but transform the vibration patterns in our body and help to activate a self-healing process. Vimal, gifted Healer and Praful, master musician, share their exceptional combined gifts of music, divine healing, love and silence to heal, nurture and expand mind, body and spirit.
“We simply open up to the Source and Grace starts flowing through us. A universal transmission happens in which we become a channel, like hollow bamboos. This opens the door to experiencing a kind of Self-less natural state – a wonderful, joyful experience!” say Praful & Vimal.
The word Healing comes from Wholeness, a state of pure happiness in which all separation has disappeared. Once you have tasted this One-mind state, it starts changing your entire perspective on life. The consequence of this ‘innerstanding’ is that Healing will be more likely to happen on all other planes: physical, emotional and mental.

Vimal Gabrielsen (NO) was born with the ability to transmit divine love, wisdom and healing energies to herself and others. But only in her 30ies, she started to discover, trust and expand this divine gift. She was also trained by Dr. Eric Pearl in Levels 1, 2, 3 of Reconnective Healing. Vimal is a mother and works as a healer, graphic designer and (co-)organizes spiritual gatherings. Vimal Gabrielsen on Facebook

Praful (DE/NL) is a master sax&flute player, singer, producer, charismatic performer and pioneer in the world music community. He embraces Jazz, Soul, Dance, Indian and New World Fusion with grace and passion. Praful creates a space in which the music’s healing powers can transform the listener and connect you with the source. He is world renowned for his 10 solo albums and worked/performed with Deva Premal&Miten, Eckhart Tolle, Peruquois, Carlos Nakai, Dave Koz and many more.

“I went to Healing Sound, Healing Touch twice and had very strong and healing experiences at both occasions… Your workshop combined music and touch in a way that affected me much more than the two of them would have done separately… I have never felt such bliss … Your warm and gentle touch — together with Prafuls music — made me fall into deep sobs out of joy and gratefulness. I have never before cried as deeply out of happiness! The experience left me truly balanced and harmonious…” Agneta, Sweden

“Very beautiful and deeply touching» Eckhart Tolle, on Praful’s music

“I felt like I was in the presence of a wondrous sacred energy, (like being connected to the tree in Avatar)” Simon Gerrard, Bruton, UK

“Your voice (Praful) touched me very much. It’s like hearing a cosmic father singing. It showed me how much strength there is in being soft.” Magnus Pamp, writer, Sweden

“This was so much more than just a few sounds and bells I usually hear in sound healings — the sounds and melodies penetrated deeply and resonated in my body, making me feel alive and whole…. I felt my whole body tingling. Vimal has absolutely a magic touch.” Thierry Reinhardt, Switzerland

“Krishna himself is playing through Praful!” Brandon Bays, Healer, best-selling author

Upcoming events

June 10, Oaxaca de Suarez, Mexico (venue tbc)
June 15—18, Nature Camping Ottermeerhoeve, Ottermeerweg 2,
4725 PZ Wouwse Plantage, Netherlands
DEEP Camping Experience
July 16—20, Dundon, TA11 6PE Somerton, Somerset, England
Alchemy of Love Festival

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